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CrossFit Shoe List

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Xero Shoes

Why we recommend this brand: 

If you are specifically looking for a minimalist, zero drop shoe, we found some of their styles to be very CrossFit friendly (Prios, 360, Forza Trainer) - wider heel base helpful for stability in movements such as squats & deadlifts, but also light and flexible enough to use for jumping and running. Note: This link is just an affiliate link where we get a kick-back, it's not a discount link since they don't do discounts on their shoes often at all.


Why we recommend this brand: 

This brand also caters more to minimalist footwear, with a wider toe box. We find that this brand works well if you have narrower feet & higher arches whereas the Xero shoes work with wider feet and flatter arches.

Use code "CFIRONHAVEN" for 15% off

Less Minimalist Brands:

These are other brands of shoes that tend to have more arch support or a thicker sole (to absorb some impact on jumping movements) we would also recommend for CrossFit:

TYR CXT-1 Trainer

Nike Metcon

Reebok Nanos

NoBull Trainers

Strike MVMT


Vans Ultrarange EXO

More Minimalist Brands:

These shoes tend to have a more zero-drop or barefoot feel with thinner sole and less foot & arch support.


TYR DropZero trainer

Xero 360 or Forza Trainer

Lems Primal Zen

Vivo Barefoot

Vibram Fivefingers

Saguaro Shoes (kids sizes!)

Weightlifting Shoes:

TYR L-1 Trainer

Nike Romaleos

Adidas Adipower or Powerlift

Inov-8 Fast Lift (15% off code CFIRONHAVEN)

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