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Membership at CrossFit Iron Haven

We have different membership options depending on your goals and how fast you would like to see progress!

Are you an experienced Hyrox or CrossFit athlete? Let's meet in person and chat about the best enrollment option for you!


Receive an additional 10% off of our weekly memberships.

Corporate: 2+ Employees


25% off weekly memberships with proof or ID 


 receive an additional 10% off per household member


3-Month Package: 5% Off When Prepaid

6-Month Package: 10% Off When Prepaid

What if I have to leave town for 2-3 weeks? Is there a way to place my membership on hold?

Yes, we do allow one hold request per year for all of our members since many of them travel seasonally. Please contact us at least 1 week in advance if you know you will be away so we can place a hold on your paymen prior to being charged for the week. All holds must be for at least 2 weeks minimum. 

Do you have contracts?

We offer discounts for our month-to-month payments with a 3-month, 6-month and year-long contract. Early cancellation of a contract incurs a fee of 1/2 of the remaining payments. All cancellations of a month-to-month plan require a 28-day notice. From the date you notify us, you will have 4 weeks of membership until payment ends. We reserve the right to charge membership during that 28-day period without adequate notice. We do not provide refunds on any 3-month or 6-month commitment plans. 

Do you have a discounted program for Medicare / Active & Fit / Silver & Fit?

We have partnered with the American Specialty Health program to provide affordable membership options for members of Silver & Fit or Active & Fit. If your Health Insurance or Medicare provides either of these programs, please mention it to us and provide documentation to prove your eligibility so we can set up your membership!

I have an injury / I'm not athletic / I've never done this before. Will I still be able to take classes?

Absolutely! We tailor all of our sesisons and programming for any capability of our members using the Level Method program. We have worked around member injuries from outside of the gym to help them maintain their fitness. We have several masters athletes (55+) who have never lifted weights in their lives who have started and are thriving...some even reducing signs of osteoporosis!

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