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LADIES! GET STRONGER with Personalized Strength Training

prenatal postpartum pelvic floor strength training Snow Charpentier
Gain more confidence with your body.

Feel STRONG about what you are capable of doing.

Feel BADASS with a barbell! 

Tackle bone/muscle loss symptoms of Perimenopause with heavy lifting.

Learn at your OWN pace in a judgement-free zone with a coach who explains clearly and who cares!

10 Personal Training Sessions (1-hour)


Or just try 1 session for $80 or 5 for $350

Have a buddy or partner? Pair up in the same session and save 30% each!


Learn how to lift weights for the first time

Snow will go over basics of how to use a barbell from a rack to do squats, presses, deadlifts and cleans, as well as dumbbell and kettlebell accessory work.

Tailor the strength training to what YOU are capable of doing! 

Contact Snow at or at (541) 841-9563 to schedule your first private training session or to learn more about how she can help you get STRONGER!

Here's a video with Snow demonstrating best practices for the Bench Press

prenatal postpartum pelvic floor weightlifting crossfit strength training Snow Charpentier

About personal trainer Snow Charpentier

Snow is a mother of two who fell in love with weightlifting over a decade ago when her spin class instructor introduced her to the world of CrossFit. During college, she was unhappy with how her body looked. Despite doing a lot of cardio and running, her body composition really didn't change until after she picked up a barbell and invested in strength training. After completing several triathlons and marathons, including an Ironman, she switched to competing in the sport of weightlifting for 5 years, winning podium spots at the American Open and also holding state records in Oregon for her weight class. Snow owns and coaches at CrossFit Iron Haven in Ashland, where she trained throughout both of her pregnancies and involves her children in her active lifestyle.

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