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CrossFit Iron Haven Ashland, Oregon - CrossFit Ashland



New To CrossFit


Our Saturday 9:00AM Session is dedicated for any new members wanting to try us out! However, if you are unable to make Saturday, feel free to try out another day of the week.

Once you fill out the form and select your time, click on "Drop In Dashboard" to sign our waiver prior to coming in.


If you are able to make it, this is a great opportunity to get a feel for our classes, chat with our coaches, meet our members and see our space!

(You do not need to attend a free class to get started as a member!)

Interested in becoming a part of our fitness community? Here are the next steps:

Sign up for our OnBoarding Assessments
and learn all of the movements!

We have all new-to-Iron Haven members start with a series of six intro sessions (five 1-hour sessions dedicated to the workouts, and one 30-minute goal & nutrition session). This OnBoarding program is essential to gaining confidence in most of the fundamental movements we use that encompass a CrossFit-derived methodology.  Get the personal attention you deserve with your fitness capabilities.

Our OnBoarding Program will:


Help you become more comfortable knowing what to expect during each session


Provide you confidence in picking the scaling the options to meet your individual physical capabilities


Reduce the overwhelm of this new experience!


Give you an opportunity to meet some of our coaches 1-on-1 and get the personal training attention you deserve to make more progress than ever.


Most of all, ensure that you are moving safely!

These sessions can be scheduled at your convenience with our coaching availability throughout the week. We recommend trying to schedule all three within 7-10 days if possible to make the most of your first month.

Whether you are coming off of the couch, needing more motivation for your  workouts, or are an active athlete in other sports, the private sessions allow for us to work on your specfic needs and scaling options in an environment comfortable for you so you can step into classes with confidence! 

Cost is $325 for the 5-session Assessments course

($225 for Full-Time Students w/ ID)


We offer a variety of membership types and options to start after your first month is complete.


We are so excited to have you join our community!

If you have some prior experience at a CrossFit gym (4+ months) we ask you to chat with one of our coaches 1-on-1 for about 15 minutes to assess your current abilities as well as get a quick tour of the space! Depending on your current capabilities, we offer a couple options for experienced members:

OPTION 1: Take a "Fast Track" Assessment

This is great for athletes with under 4 months of experience or who may have taken time off and want to ease back in.

These THREE 1-hour sessions an opportunity to get a refresher of some of our more complex movements (olympic lifts)

as well as for us to double check how you move. 

OPTION 2: Meet with us for 15 minutes 1-on-1,
and jump right into a class!

For well experienced athletes who are familiar with movements (such as snatches, scaling options for pull ups and have done most of the movements), we'd love for you to stop in at least 15 minutes before a class to sign waivers, chat with a coach, get a feel for how we run classes, and check out the space! Contact our owner Snow using the button below about meeting with a coach and getting started.

Experienced CrossFitter
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