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Legion Whey Protein Powder

Legion Plant+ Protein Powder

Legion Recharge Post-Workout

Why we prefer this brand: 

It's third-party tested by, uses high quality ingredients such as 100% grassfed whey and is USA made.

Purchase from Amazon using the links above, or you can go directly to their website and use code IRONHAVEN for 20% off your first purchase.

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Xero Shoes

Why we recommend this brand: 

If you are specifically looking for a minimalist, zero drop shoe, we found some of their styles to be very CrossFit friendly (Prios, 360, Forza Trainer) - wider heel base helpful for stability in movements such as squats & deadlifts, but also light and flexible enough to use for jumping and running.


Why we recommend this brand: 

This brand also caters more to minimalist footwear, with a wider toe box. We find that this brand works well if you have narrower feet & higher arches whereas the Xero shoes work with wider feet and flatter arches.

Other brands of shoes we would also recommend for CrossFit that have been used by several of our members are:


Nike Metcon

Reebok Nanos

NoBull Trainers

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Rootcha Magnesium & Zinc

Why we recommend this: 

Third party tested by, magnesium is often helpful if doing a lot of high intensity training where you can get depleted of electrolytes. Magnesium & Zinc supplementation often may help improve quality of sleep if you are deficient in either of these.

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