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SNATCH:  Jan 15th
CLEAN:  Jan 22nd
JERK:  Jan 29th
10:15am - 12:30pm
Each session capped at 16 people.

$50 / 1 session,

$90 / 2 sessions,

$120 / all 3 sessions

Ideal for newcomers and intermediate athletes looking to improve their proficiency in olympic weightlifting technique with an in-depth focus. These workshops will cover:

  • Correct starting & receiving positions

  • Difference between the three pulls (in snatch/clean)

  • Most common faults in lifts and how to approach correcting them

  • Drills for increasing speed and efficiency in various parts of the lift

  • Lecture regarding physics of how the lifts work

  • Hands-on workshop & instruction

If you plan to attend 2 out of the 3 workshops, use the discount code "2WORKSHOPS" for the second one you register for which will add the appropriate discount for rates listed above.

If you plan to attend all 3 workshops, use the button below to register for all three at once.

About Adv. USAW Coaches
Nathan & Snow Charpentier

Snow has trained under Catalyst Athletics and is the 53kg bronze medalist at American Open 2016. She currently holds all three 55kg Open Womens’ Oregon State records. Nathanhas trained under Russian National record holder Vasily Palovnikov and has brought athletes to qualify and compete at American Open Series and State Championships

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